Unleashed: Leverage Your Imposter. Stop Holding Yourself Back

Join AWIT and executive leadership coach Zovig Garboushian to explore a creative approach on how to harness your self-doubt and make you a stronger, more confident professional.

As a woman in tech, it can seem like you’re on an endless crusade to prove your worth and have a seat at the table. It’s far too easy for the imposter to creep in and tell you that you’re too much, not enough, and don’t belong. But you do. If you’re ready to move past self-doubt, it’s time to embrace your imposter and change your thinking to use it as your ally, not your enemy.

This is part of AWIT Week - an intentional celebration of women in tech around International Womens’ Day.

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March 9 | 2:30pm CST

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Meet the Speaker

Zovig Garboushian

Executive Coach,
Speaker, Facilitator, Writer.

Zovig Garboushian is an executive coach, speaker, facilitator, and writer with a primary focus on leveling the playing field and advancing women in leadership. She’s been called part coach/part thought-provoker, and is said to have “x-ray vision" with her clients.

With a 25-year career that spans brand marketing, management consulting, and organizational and leadership development, she was inspired to launch Boldness Ablaze because she was fed up with seeing ambitious women shut down and forced to change themselves to compensate for others.


This event is part of the programming of the AWIT Week

AWIT is convening our global community to raise awareness of the diversity gaps in tech leadership, empower women and enable allies to successfully accelerate careers, and showcase the expertise of our community members in alignment with International Women’s Day.

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