Mentor Spotlight: Fernanda Ortega

mentor-spotlight Nov 14, 2022

Fernanda, a self-described bookworm and outdoors lover, currently hails from the Greater Barcelona Area and has over 20 years of experience as an HR Executive in various industries and many countries (Latin America, USA, Middle East, Europe, and Asia). 

Fernanda is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and has gained a great deal of understanding of diverse cultures and their work environments over the years. She strongly believes in the value of mentorship and connecting with a global community “to learn from one another and be better as individuals and as organizations.” Her insights combined with her passion have driven Fernanda to coach and mentor talented professionals and entrepreneurs around the world throughout her career.    

In addition to mentoring with AWIT, she currently serves as a mentor for several other NGOs and start-ups. Her goal is to “support women to unlock their potential and plan career possibilities.” and to “[h]elp entrepreneurs to make an impact in the world through their businesses and dreams.”