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We curate virtual and in-person events related to accelerating the careers of women in tech. Ask Me Anything sessions with industry leaders, Interviews, Networking Sessions, Panels, Workshops, and Webinars.

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Transition and Transformation in Your Career Story


Join us for this virtual event on March 29th at 9-10am PST, as we explore the stories of women who have navigated career transitions and transformations. This will include a panel discussion and breakout session to discuss with peers from around the world.

How Technology can Solve The Mental Load

Hearth Display

Join us for this Community Virtual Event on March 22th at 12pm PST, for a 45-minute chat about the heavy mental loads we all are carrying, and tips and tools for women in the workforce for healthier work-life balance.

Breaking Barriers as Women Executives

March 14 in New York City.

Join AWIT at the United Nations NGO CSV 67 Conference for inspiration and perspective for how we can increase the representation of women in leadership in the tech industry. You’ll hear the career stories, expertise, and insights directly from leading technologists who have successfully navigated to executive roles at the world’s top technology companies, including Kranthi Darapu, General Manager at AWS, Ali Heron, CTO at Petal, Raji Rajagopalan, Partner Engineering Director at Microsoft, and Ania Kowalczuk, Vice President of Governance Risk and Compliance at MongoDB in conversation with Kate Watts, Executive Director at Advancing Women in Tech. This session is a must-attend for anyone looking to gain insights on how to navigate a career in the tech industry themselves, or support others as they advance in leadership in this dynamic industry. 


AMA with Alane Boyd, Co-Founder @ Arvo

February 23, 2023                          

Connect with fellow AWIT community members as you learn how Alane approaches each day and hear her take on your most pressing questions.

Alane Boyd is a serial entrepreneur, passionate leader and a high growth founder (2x SaaS Exit, Published author 3x, Top Leaders 40 under 40, Finalist Top Companies to Watch 2021, Voted Best Tools for Remote Work 2022).


Writing with Confidence and Clarity



We all want to come across as professional and effective. Yet some of the written techniques we use as women to sound polite and work-appropriate can actually clutter our messages and negatively impact our connection with readers. In this presentation, we’ll teach participants to seek, recognize, and destroy a few common credibility killers that make it hard for readers to understand and agree with you.

If you are looking for some career guidance to become a well-written and powerful leader, register today to learn from one of the best.


AMA with Shubhi Nigam - 0 to 1 Product Building

Product Manager @Carta


Learn how to take a product from 0 to 1 at this product-focused AWIT AMA with Shubhi Nigam, a Product Manager at Carta who specializes in helping early-stage startups achieve product market fit.

Connect with fellow AWIT community members as you learn how Shubhi approaches each day and hear her take on your most pressing questions relating to careers in product management.


Personal Branding: Message Your Why and Scale Your Impact

This in-person event, powered by Advancing Women in Tech, The Wond’ry, Blacks in Tech- Nashville, and Culture of Good will explore how women develop and own their personal brand as they navigate through the tech landscape.

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