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Writing with Clarity and Confidence - Workshop Recording

We all want to come across as professional and effective. Yet some of the written techniques we use as women to sound polite and work-appropriate can actually clutter our messages and negatively impact our connection with readers. In this presentation, we’ll teach participants to seek, recognize, and destroy a few common credibility killers that make it hard for readers to understand and agree with you.

Please join Grace Aldridge Foster of Bold Type as she teaches us how to project confidence in our writing and keep the message clear and direct. You’ll learn how effective writing can do more than just convey information about your work; it can set you apart among your peers.

Participants will be able to assess their own writing and determine some of the unwritten (pun-intended) messages it’s conveying: do you actually sound confident and knowledgeable in your emails, proposals, and pitches, or do you sound insecure and apologetic, and how do you know? In this event, you’ll learn how to look at your writing objectively and edit it to come across the way you want to.

If you are looking for some career guidance to become a well-written and powerful leader, register today to learn from one of the best. 

Meet the Speaker: Grace Aldridge Foster

Grace Aldridge Foster is Co-Founder of Bold Type LLC, a writing skills training company.

Grace has been training writers for over a decade and has worked with the U.S. Special Operations Command, Capital One, Dataminr, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, the Aspen Institute, and many others.

She is also a member of the Center for Plain Language and serves as a judge for the annual Federal Report Card and ClearMark Awards, scoring Federal agencies and other organizations on their ability to communicate clearly to their online audiences.

Grace has a master’s degree in English from Georgetown University and lectures from time to time at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and School of Continuing Studies.

Her writing has appeared in Forbes, Smithsonian Insider, and more.” Learn more at www.boldtype.us

LinkedIn - Instagram: @bold__type