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Kaspersky finds the global pandemic has not impacted all tech workers equally, illustrating how the playing field for professionals is still uneven.

As COVID-19 continues to upend the working world, with lockdowns forcing employees to work from home, research has begun to focus on the impact of the new work environment on remote workers. The upshot? The pandemic has not affected all workers equally.

Women in tech have been hurt by the changes brought on by COVID-19, according to a new report released on Tuesday from Kaspersky. The report, which surveyed 6,500 women across the globe, illustrates the way that the pandemic has been viewed as detrimental to career progress for many women in tech. Specifically, roughly half of women surveyed believe it has hurt them, professionally. And with 95% of women in tech working from home at least part time since March 2020, the report has significant implications for tech professionals. 

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