Women in Gaming: Representation and Being Seen

Join us for an exciting virtual event discussing women's representation in the gaming industry! From game development to esports, women have been historically underrepresented in the gaming industry. But times are changing, and we want to highlight the amazing women making their mark in the industry today.

Our panel of expert speakers will share their experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities facing women in gaming. They will discuss the importance of diversity in game development and how it can lead to more innovative and inclusive games.

Whether you're a gamer, game developer, or simply interested in the topic, this event is for you! Join us for a thought-provoking discussion and leave with a better understanding of women's role in shaping the gaming industry.

  • Pivoting and empowerment
  • Staying resilient, relevant, and motivated in a changing climate
  • What to do when there is no one that looks like you in the role you want
  • Applying learning from all areas of life to you work
  • The conundrum of The Glass Cliff

Join us live on

March 7 | 2pm CST

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Meet the Panelists

Jessica Murrey

Wicked Saints Studios

Jessica Shipard

Studio Folly

Chelsea Blasko

Iron Galaxy Studios

This event is part of the programming of the AWIT Week

AWIT is convening our global community to raise awareness of the diversity gaps in tech leadership, empower women and enable allies to successfully accelerate careers, and showcase the expertise of our community members for Women's History Month.

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