Writing and Building Your Personal Brand

In this workshop, we'll help you understand what a personal brand is and dispel the myth that you don’t have one or don’t need one. You’ll learn that your writing —even if you don’t consider yourself "a writer"— is a critical part of your personal brand. And you’ll learn how to become more aware of your audience and how they perceive you. In this interactive session, participants will learn:

  • What personal brand is and why it matters
  • How writing impacts your personal brand
  • How to conduct a personal brand audit of the places your writing lives online

Join us live on

March 9 | 11am CST

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Meet the Speaker

Grace Aldridge Foster

Co-Founder Boldtype,

Writing Consultant

Grace Aldridge Foster is Co-Founder of Bold Type LLC, a writing skills training company.

Grace has been training writers for over a decade and has worked with the U.S. Special Operations Command, Capital One, Dataminr, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, the Aspen Institute, and many others.

She is also a member of the Center for Plain Language and serves as a judge for the annual Federal Report Card and ClearMark Awards, scoring Federal agencies and other organizations on their ability to communicate clearly to their online audiences.

Grace has a master’s degree in English from Georgetown University and lectures from time to time at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and School of Continuing Studies. Her writing has appeared in Forbes, Smithsonian Insider, and more.


This event is part of the programming of the AWIT Week

AWIT is convening our global community to raise awareness of the diversity gaps in tech leadership, empower women and enable allies to successfully accelerate careers, and showcase the expertise of our community members in alignment with International Women’s Day.

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